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Startuprad.io is your portal to the German-speaking startup scene. Listen in on our Global Top 75 Science, Top 125 Technology & 400 Business podcast which covers startups from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland!

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Our Podcast
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The international voice of the German-speaking startup scene brings you new podcasts in English each week. We use our Medium blog to tie them together and provide additional links for your listening or viewing pleasure, as well as notes on who we're talking about today--the companies themselves!We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. You can also follow us on social media for 24/7 news updates and new developments!

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What We do

We are a B2B podcast, with more than 83% of our audience listening for professional reasons. Also, 45% of our audience is looking for startups to invest in (source: audience survey).If you are a professional, looking at the European startup scene, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are places you can not miss. Fortunately for you, there is Startuprad.io. Our English-only podcast brings one episode each week.

Startup Stories

Interviews with Founders and Investors

Those who have been in the startup world for years may be surprised to see new faces, but don't worry! We bring you interviews with founders and investors alike. Some will share their stories about how they got started with a company or founded an industry-defining business while others talk strategy--and there's no shortage of insight on offer here at all..


This Month in German Startups

What are you waiting for? Just 30 minutes of startup news wrap up a whole month, without you needing to learn one word of German.
In these monthly episodes, Chris from New York and Joe from Frankfurt get together to bring you a wrap-up on what has been going down with startups over here in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They'll share the headlines that caught their eye as well as some background knowledge about these companies and the forces shaping the startup world.

Expert Interviews

We Look at Important Topics

Get a glimpse into the future and learn what's happening in European startups with our interviews. We'll bring you closer than ever before to initiatives, laws - even federal programs that will shape how this industry evolves over time!

Entrepreneur Tools

We Ask Practitioners How to Solve Common Problems

When we come across someone who has vast experience or a great solution for common startup founder problems, that's the moment where they get called into our office and talked through their approach. We call this Entrepreneur Tools.

"We have been totally surprised by the relevant reach of Startuprad.io. We have been asked about our interview multiple times."
Benedikt and Jakob Sons, Founders of Cansativa

Become a Sponsor

We are always looking for new partners to work with. If you want your business featured on our podcast or blog, contact us today!

Advisory, Startup Scouting and Deal Flow Generation

Startuprad.io has been right from the start a way for investors to scout for startups.
Corporations use our content to look for innovative partners.
45% of our audience is listening to find investment opportunities (audience survey). So, it is no surprise that several startups have found their investors with Startuprad.io.
We offer multiple services to startups, corporations, and investors:
- Startup Scouting, utilizing our expansive network
- Consulting, transferring our know-how to startups and corporates
- Deal Flow Generation for investors
If you are looking to tap in this unparalleled network of startups, nationally and internationally, reach out to us.

Berlin Via Pixabay
Zürich via Pixabay
Vienna via Pixabay

The Startupraven Platform

Startupraven is a new way for startups to approach investors and partners. Looking for investors or partners, approaching them, and communicating with them is a time-consuming job. Startupraven cuts this to one click.The platform is set up by Startuprad.io to help all startups to connect to investors and corporations looking for partners.Corporations and investors can use the platform to get real-time scouting services for potential investments, generate deal flow and look for partners.

Our Sub-Podcasts

You may not be interested in everything we do, so we have a dedicated sub-podcast for your interest. All our content is published on our podcast Startuprad.io and the content is published at the same time on each sub-podcast, where it fits.We have a Fintech Track, a Deep Tech Track, a dedicated News Channel, a Cybersecurity Track, (soon) a Female Entrepreneurship Track and a Blockchain Track, to which you can all subscribe separately.Our Female Entrepreneurship Track will go live soon.Find all options to subscribe below.

Our Sub-Podcast Tech Startups Germany with Invest-in-Hessen.com

Our sub-podcast Tech Startups Germany is made possible by the investment promotion agency of the state of Hessen, called Hessen Trade and Invest with their brand Invest-in-Hessen. Startuprad.io is headquartered in Frankfurt, Hessen and very happy to work with HTAI.Here we showcase startups from the State of Hessen which are about to expand internationally or looking for international investors. Learn more by clicking on the podcast cover, or on this YouTube PlaylistSo far Tech Startups Germany has by itself scored in podcast charts in Germany, as a Top 75 podcast in Entrepreneurship in iTunes. It also reached iTunes' or Chartable's podcast charts in the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, and India. It is also a global Top 900 Business Podcast and Top 200 Technology Podcast.

Tech Startups Germany by Startuprad.io

Pulse of the European Startup Ecosystem (Quarterly with DEEP Ecosystems)

Klick here to fisit this sub-podcast

The European startup scene is changing fast. There are new players, old ones fading away, and even more to come in their place- all vying for a piece of this growing pie! In order not to get left behind you need regular updates on what’s going on so that our entrepreneurs can stay one step ahead when building or investing in companies here. That’s why we started the “Pulse of the European Startup Ecosystem” which will provide you with quarterly podcasts chronicling different aspects related to startup activity across European Hubs, supported by the data from the specialized analytics company DEEP Ecosystems.

Our Internet Radio Station Startup.Radio

Startup.Radio is our 24/7 radio station. It is the world's first internet business talk radio station dedicated to startups, tech, and entrepreneurship. We run this station with our content and that of our partners like Tech.eu or the Stanford University Radio Show “Laptop Radio.”
We started our station only in February 2021, but our audience has been growing with >33% MoM in the first year.
Tune in to learn why.

The Team

Who are the people you can hear on Startuprad.io's podcasts or seen in our Youtube interviews?Johanna Joch is an entrepreneur, speech therapist, and lead of our Female Entrepreneurship Track. She is based in Hamburg, Germany.Dr. Christian "Chris" Fahrenbach is Mr. News. He is a freelance journalist, teacher, and entrepreneur. He joins Joe for the news and reports on GSA entrepreneurs abroad. He is based in New York City.Jörn "Joe" Menninger is the CEO, founder, and host of Startuprad.io. He started Startuprad.io in 2014 with a few interviews, building it into a side business in 2018 and a full-time business in 2021. He is based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. He also works as a startup scout and consultant.

A Brief Overview of Startuprad.io

This is a very brief overview of what we have achieved so far. It will be updated on a regular basis. You can also find some of the updates on our Instagram page.

Reach Out

You want to talk? Reach out to us!

Pitch a Guest / Startup / Idea

We receive up to 10 requests a week, but can only interview 2-3 startups a month. This leads to a very low acceptance rate. In order to keep organized, we ask you to fill out the Google Form (link below) .

Our Side Hustle

Startuprad.io is the international voice of the German startup scene. We are at home in Frankfurt am Main. We also want to promote the local startup scene, so our founder is an advisor to the local Startup Guide and we publish an inbound VC index for the Greater Frankfurt Region, called Rhine-Main. You can learn more about RhineMain.vc on their website.


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